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Balancing the risk of investing

Through asset allocation and diversification

Commitment and Service

Time-honored traditions at Wealth Accumulation Strategies

1983 Wealth Accumulation Strategies was founded With a commitment to provide education and Financial Planning for individuals. Over the years we have strived To become a recognized leader in investment education, And our commitment has evolved into a tradition ... a Tradition of excellence serving the investment and Financial needs of our clients.

Our dedication to education and service manifests in a Pact between Wealth Accumulation Strategies and our Clients- it's a pledge of integrity, innovation, quality and, above all else, hard work.

"Education First" is the culmination of the client-first Commitment that has distinguished us from our Competitors for years.

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Putting client
education first

Helping you navigate lifes challenges


Each stage of life brings unique demands and delights. The one constant that remains is the need to plan for Life and its changes. Haphazard investing rarely works. In fact, everyone needs investment planning, and through education a Plan evolves with life's changes and the challenges of our personal lives.

As we strive to put clients' education first and help meet their continually-changing investment needs, our objective Stays the same: balance the risk of Investing.

We accomplish this through asset allocation and diversification. We also strive to protect (from inflation and taxation) The principal and buying power of the wealth you've Worked so hard to accumulate.

We do not stop there. We believe our clients deserve more, such as 24-hour account Internet access, online trading, comprehensive account statements and trade Conformations. It may seem like a lot, but we believe an informed and educated client is our primary objective.

Identifying and articulating an investor's financial objectives and then establishing a plan designed to steer toward achieving those objectives is the foundation of long-term success. This is the philosophy upon which Wealth Accumulation Strategies was built.

By reviewing all parts of a client's financial life we can tailor a plan designed for specific needs-enhancing cash flow, minimize the effects of taxes, and invest so that retirement may be enjoyed to the fullest.

Our goal is to assist our clients in attaining their financial objectives ... whatever they may be. Client is our primary objective.

At some point, each of us hopes to savor the financial fruits we've worked so hard to nurture throughout our lives. Wealth Accumulation Strategies understands this desire. That is why we offer a comprehensive range of retirement planning services. Along with a knowledgeable staff of dedicated retirement specialists, our aim is to help our clients enjoy this time in their lives.

Online Services

For your convenience

Online Services

As more and more individuals are grappling with the time crunch and demands of work, as well as family and personal finances, the Internet has become an appealing option for investors who'd like to keep abreast of any changes in their portfolio with the click of a mouse.

At Wealth Accumulation Strategies we recognize the benefit of online services. This is why we offer clients the ability to not only access their account information, get quotes, access research and trade online, but also continue to enjoy the support and guidance of their financial advisor.

In an era when technology changes by the minute, Wealth Accumulation Strategies is keeping pace and continually striving to set new standards in service.

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